Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Watershed Art Prize 2019

It was a pleasure to be nominated once again as a finalist for the Watershed Art Prize. This is a unique exhibition of art works that aims to shine a spotlight upon the increasingly important issue of water conservation.  The exhibition has continued to be supported by the Salisbury City Council and sponsored by the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management.

I was very pleased to be awarded third prize with my painting entitled ‘Banrock Reflections’. The piece was inspired by my first visit to Banrock Station and the beautiful wetlands of the north east region of South Australia.

As I discovered, the wetlands at Banrock Station are indeed very special. Emerging as an unexpected oasis amongst inhospitable surroundings, these scenic waterways attract a myriad of bird life. However, what I sought to capture in my painting was its tranquil sense of quiet and the beauty of flora interplaying with luminous light and reflections.

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