Thursday, 1 January 2015

Beginning a New Artistic Journey

Having spent many an hour considering where to begin our new life back in Australia, we finally settled upon the lovely Clare Valley of South Australia. We have always loved this area and in the past had spent many a weekend enjoying this wonderful wine region. It was not just the beauty of the valley that attracted us, but particularly its burgeoning artistic community. The combination of world-renowned wines, gourmet foods and fine art is an attractive combination that has been embraced by both the local community and tourists alike. So it is from here that I will begin my new artistic journey as I take a much anticipated break from teaching. Hopefully, this blog will chart the various events and milestones along the way, of which I’m sure there will be many. There will be a number of goals to be achieved over the next few months, including establishing a new webpage, building my studio and meeting others like-minded artists in the community. While Jules and I will always miss our life in Japan, we are excited about the prospects ahead here in Australia. It's a chance to re-connect with family and friends, change direction and start a new phase of our lives.