Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize 2018

The Adelaide Park Lands Prize is a biennial art event run by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) in conjunction with the Adelaide City Council. It showcases art that makes a statement or captures the essence of the beautiful parklands, which surround Adelaide's CBD and North Adelaide. It is an exhibition that continues to grow in reputation and now attracts the interest of artists from throughout Australia who are inspired by the diverse and unique nature of the parkland environment around our city. The opportunity to exhibit as a finalist at the Adelaide Festival Theatre also provides a level of public exposure that is much appreciated.   

This was the second time I have entered the competition, with this years painting entitled ‘Spheres and Reflections’. This piece was based on an idea I had pondered on for quite a while in which I re-imagined one of Adelaide’s much loved sculptural works set within a quiet part of the South parklands. Here is my artist statement for the final painting …

‘In 1977 Bert Flugelman’s sculpture ‘Spheres’ was unveiled in Rundle Mall and has, over the years, become a much loved icon of Adelaide. While the piece sits beautifully in its current location, I have always thought that the sheer perfection of the work would allow it to work equally as well in all manner of environments. In my painting ‘Spheres and Reflections’, I sought to re-imagine this much loved piece placed within the tranquil setting of the Adelaide parklands. The harmony of its form sitting comfortably in nature, reflecting a distinctly alternative vision of the changing world around it.’

I was very pleased with the completed piece and delighted to be named as a finalist. However, I was absolutely overjoyed to have been named as the 2018 winner!! It was a very humbling moment considering the quality of the works exhibited this year.  The judges comments were particularly encouraging and the positive reaction to the painting has been quite overwhelming. Below are links to some of the media coverage…

Friday, 6 July 2018

Balco Balaklava Art Prize 2018

The historic Balaklava Courthouse built in 1913 was converted into an art gallery in 1991 and since then has held a wide range of exhibitions from South Australian artists and crafts people. Its annual exhibition is the Balco Balaklava Art Prize, which has been held continually for the past 28 years and has provided a wonderful opportunity for local artists in all stages of their development to exhibit their works.

I have exhibited paintings there over the past four years, but this is the first year I was delighted to be awarded the prize for most outstanding piece. The painting was entitled ‘Sunlight on a Flooded Plain’ in which I sought to capture that wonderful moment when sunlight suddenly breaks through the clouds to totally change the appearance of the rural landscape in winter. I was particularly pleased to have the work judged by artist Katie Wyatt who continues to gain recognition in the art world through her own bold landscapes.

 With Balco business development director Malcolm May and judge Katie Wyatt

Watershed Art Prize 2018

It was wonderful once again to be included as a finalist in the 2018 Watershed Art Prize. This important initiative by the Salisbury City Council in conjunction with major sponsor ICE WaRM (the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management), has continued to highlight the need for sustainable water management while maintaining our delicate natural environment.

This years exhibition again provided a wide range of paintings focusing upon a myriad of subjects within the broader themes of water conservation and nature. For my part, I included a piece entitled ‘Signs of Life’ that depicted a tranquil scene of the Mawson Lakes wetlands with a distant reminder of the encroaching man-made world as represented by highway signs on the horizon.

This years overall winner was ‘The Night Watch’ by Gerhard Ritter, while I was very pleased to have been awarded the ‘Mawson Lakes Living Editors Choice Award’.

Cover of the June edition of Mawson Lakes Living