Sunday, 1 March 2015

Setting up the Studio

On the property we have bought there is an old winery shed which once contained a laboratory, cool room and a large open area for vats and barrels. While I love to drink a glass of wine, I am no winemaker, so it seemed a logical choice to convert it into my studio space. So after the initial unpacking, I moved in over summer with the intentions of just leaving it as it was so I could contemplate the best possible layout. What I discovered was that it is after all just ‘a shed’ and as with all sheds, they get hot in summer and cold in winter … so insulating it would be a definite priority. Having the big sliding door open in summer was great as it provided plenty of light, but what would happen in winter? A big window would be needed. This would provide functionality but also allow for a lovely outlook across the property. So when things got a little cooler, I began the process of converting the space into a practical and cozy artists studio. A place where I would enjoy spending time and that would inspire many a creative project.

Stage one involved installing the large window, allowing me to now work with the doors closed. This was soon followed by the lining of the walls and the construction of an interior partition. This effectively reduced the size of the workspace, but now made it much easier to heat in winter. By painting the concrete floor and throwing down a few rugs, it also provided a little more insulation which has actually made it feel like a proper room. After a couple months of work the shed now feels like a studio! As all artists know, its wonderful to have a practical workspace, but it is also nice to personalise your studio with all manner of eclectic collections which is something I have begun to do.