Thursday, 15 August 2019

Gallery Open for Business

This week marked a very special milestone in my life as an artist. After many years of dreaming, thinking, planning and eventually constructing, my new studio/gallery was finally completed and opened to the public. It was almost 12 months since the decision was made to start the project and with the help of Ben the builder, Jules and I worked tirelessly throughout the year to build a new space that I could create and display my paintings. Like all builders, in the beginning we didn’t quite realise the many hurdles that would need to be overcome, but we finally got there!

After all that work, it seemed only fitting to launch the gallery with a reflective exhibition of works completed over the last four years, since our arrival in the beautiful Clare Valley…hence the name ‘Arrival’. The exhibition is part of the 2019 SALA (South Australian Living Artist) festival and is open the weekends 10am-4pm until August 25. Following SALA the studio gallery will be open every Friday and Saturday …please visit for details.