Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Road to Riesling

On a lovely autumn afternoon in the Clare Valley, it was my great pleasure to attend the launch of the latest vintage from Farrell Wines. What was particularly significant about this day was that the label on the 2017 Riesling features a painting I had completed a couple of years ago. The work depicted the historic red bridge on Quarry Road just outside of Clare and was purchased by nearby vineyard owner, wine connoisseur and Federal Senator Don Farrell.

Don approached me last year with the idea of using the painting for a new wine label design and I was thrilled that he thought the work worthy enough to promote his latest riesling. It’s my first wine label, so I will certainly take a personal interest in the journey of this particular drop as it enters the local wine scene. It will be on sale at the Gourmet Hub during the 2018 Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend from May 18 – 21, or can also be purchased at