Monday, 8 August 2016

'Distant Horizons' @ Pikes gallery

For SALA (South Australian Living Artists) 2016, I was invited to exhibit with two other artists at the Pikes Winery gallery. The title of the exhibition is ‘Distant Horizons’ which is a reflection of the vastness of the Clare region with its diverse range of landscapes. In my mind, the title could also be interpreted as a metaphor of the journey of the artist…heading into unknown territory while moving toward an illusionary end point that never really comes.

The other artists in the exhibition are Merek Herburt and Jim Cook. Each of us have very different styles and interpretations of our regional environment, which makes the exhibition particularly interesting.  Indeed, curator Cathy Pike was very keen to display the works along side each other in order to emphasise this striking contrast. With each of the 30 landscapes on show, each of us have been selective in our vision and have taken something unique from what we have observed.

The Clare Valley has a way of inspiring artists through its subject matter, colour and light and through out  SALA month there will be many artists who will be displaying there own interpretation of this unique region in a series of local exhibitions that should be well worth visiting.