Thursday, 15 August 2019

Gallery Open for Business

This week marked a very special milestone in my life as an artist. After many years of dreaming, thinking, planning and eventually constructing, my new studio/gallery was finally completed and opened to the public. It was almost 12 months since the decision was made to start the project and with the help of Ben the builder, Jules and I worked tirelessly throughout the year to build a new space that I could create and display my paintings. Like all builders, in the beginning we didn’t quite realise the many hurdles that would need to be overcome, but we finally got there!

After all that work, it seemed only fitting to launch the gallery with a reflective exhibition of works completed over the last four years, since our arrival in the beautiful Clare Valley…hence the name ‘Arrival’. The exhibition is part of the 2019 SALA (South Australian Living Artist) festival and is open the weekends 10am-4pm until August 25. Following SALA the studio gallery will be open every Friday and Saturday …please visit for details.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Exploring the REGION through Art

 I was thrilled to be invited to exhibit at a group show at Burra Regional Gallery for an exhibition simply entitled REGION. The exhibition would feature the works of four local artists but also include a broader selection of art pieces from the local art community. What particularly attracted me to the exhibition was the opportunity to explore the concept of ‘region’ and explore aspects of the environment that continues to inspire artists from the mid-north of South Australia.

In featuring my works for this exhibition, I found myself reflecting upon the term ‘region’ and how it might be interpreted within an art context.  There is of course the popular notion of a region being loosely defined as territories or sectors within the physical landscape, often denoted by certain recognisable features. Yet I would consider the term to be far less specific than that and one that has a distinctly softer edge.  For me the term ‘region’ suggests a comfortable sense of approximation that is determined by a certain degree of personal interpretation. Of course parallels could be made here with the creative process as well as the imperfect nature of art itself.  Each implies a lack of a definable boundary or a line to be crossed, with rather a more casual sense of being ‘thereabouts’.  This blurry notion of place allows for a natural and intuitive sense of appreciation. With this we permit ourselves the opportunity to respond instinctively to our environment and to transcend time through both recognition and memory.

The exhibition itself includes a lovely collection of pieces and much as I expected provides a vastly different interpretations of the theme. Each artist in their own unique way explores the the intrinsic qualities of the region through both time and space.

a 'salon' style presentation of my collection of works

'The Deepest Cut of All' - it is very apt that the Burra 'monster' mine is just
around the corner from the gallery

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Watershed Art Prize 2019

It was a pleasure to be nominated once again as a finalist for the Watershed Art Prize. This is a unique exhibition of art works that aims to shine a spotlight upon the increasingly important issue of water conservation.  The exhibition has continued to be supported by the Salisbury City Council and sponsored by the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management.

I was very pleased to be awarded third prize with my painting entitled ‘Banrock Reflections’. The piece was inspired by my first visit to Banrock Station and the beautiful wetlands of the north east region of South Australia.

As I discovered, the wetlands at Banrock Station are indeed very special. Emerging as an unexpected oasis amongst inhospitable surroundings, these scenic waterways attract a myriad of bird life. However, what I sought to capture in my painting was its tranquil sense of quiet and the beauty of flora interplaying with luminous light and reflections.